As principal investigator

  • 실리콘 광자-전자칩 플랫폼 소자기술 개발; Device technologies for silicon photonic integrated chip platform
    • 국가R&D기획기초사업 (울산시): in Apr 2019-Dec 2021
  • 칼라필터가 필요없는 초고감도/초저잡음/초소형 차세대 CMOS 영상센서 연구; Research on Next-generation filter-less CMOS image sensor with ultra-high sensitivity, ultra-low signal-to-noise ratio, and ultra-compact pixel
    • Samsung Future Technology Foundation; in Jan 2019-
  • Ultrahigh-Speed Optical Transport Module Technologies for Large Data Centers
    • Innovation Fund Denmark; 30M DKK (~5,308M KRW) in Apr 2015-Mar 2019.
  • High-Speed Laser with Ultralow Energy Consumption for Silicon Photonics
    • Danish Research Council; 5.76M DKK (~1,019M KRW) in Jan 2012-Jan 2016.
  • Thermo-Electro-Optical Analysis of Subwavelength Grating-mirror VCSELs
    • Danish Research Council; 2.15M DKK (~381M KRW) in Jan 2009-Dec 2011.
  • Hybrid Vertical-Cavity Lasers for Silicon Photonics
    • Proof-of-Concept Fund; 0.75 M DKK (133M KRW) in Jun 2010-Dec 2011.

As participant

  • Monomode Surface Emitting Lasers
    • European Research Council (EU FP6 project); 16.7M DKK (~2,956M KRW) in 2006-2009.
  • Self-Configurable Optical Links
    • Advanced Technology Foundation, 2.16M DKK (~382M KRW) in Feb 2010-Feb 2012.
  • Nanophotonics for Terabit Communications (Villum Kann Rasmussen Centre of Excellence)
    • Villum Foundation; 25M DKK (~4,423M KRW) in Sep 2008-Aug 2014.