Courses at UNIST (2018-)

  • Special Topics: Modern physics for electrical engineers (EE48001, Syllabus)
  • Electromagnetics 1 (EE23102, Syllabus)
  • Compound semiconductor (EE77301, Syllabus)

 Courses at Technical University of Denmark (-2017)

  • Nanophotonics
  • Introduction to optical communications
  • Advanced Photonics Journal Club

 Undergraduate Student Projects at Technical University of Denmark (-2017)

  • Consultancy Project for Year 1 students
    • “Hybrid laser for future computers”: Rank at the 2nd in students’ preference for several years
  • Fagproject for Year 2 students
    • “Analogy between the physics of quantum confinement of electrons and optical waveguide”
    • “Design of nano beam lasers for future computers”


* Student projects can be arranged for undergraduate students upon request, e.g. as an internship project. You are welcome to contact Prof. Chung for discussions.